Lineage Pilates presents a weekend with Jay Grimes.
June 5-7 th Pałac Ojrzanów, ul.Tarczyńska 1, 96-321 Ojrzanów.

Event details:

Day one – Friday June 5 th

8-9 am private lessons with Jacqueline, Ken Krech, Samantha Walley.
9-10 am privates lessons with Jacqueline and Samantha.
10-11.30 am Lineage Pilates and the “Double leg pull “deeper understanding of the strong Center and the two way stretch. As a graduate from “The Work “ with Jay Grimes I actually was just beginning to understand it in my body.I knew it would take me years to understand more. One day during my mat practice one of the cue Jay Grimes gave me finally made sense in my body and everything else in the system changed. This workshop is about feeling and knowing where you are in your “double leg pull” and allowing your curiosity to feel more everywhere in the system on all apparatus.
12-1 pm open studio with Jay Grimes (FuLL).
1-2 pm open studio with Jay Grimes (Full).
2-4 pm privates with Jacqueline, Samantha.
5-7 pm to be announced soon.
6 pm dinner with Jay Grimes

Day two – Saturday June 6 th

8-9 am privates with Ken, Joel and Kati.
9-10 am private with Jacqueline (booked) and Samantha.
10-11 am Jacqueline (booked) and Samantha.
11-12 am Ken, Samantha Joel and Kati.
12-1 pm open studio with Jay Grimes (Full).
2-5 pm Jay will help you experience the challenges and results of a Reformer workout…a Reformer workout he remembers from those he graciously learned from Joseph Pilates. See why Jay loves the JGRIMES Contrology® Reformer – and please be ready to sweat! Part 1.
7 pm dinner with Jay Grimes.

Day three – Sunday June 7 th.

8-10 am privates with Jacqueline, Samantha Walley.
10-11 am open studio with Jay Grimes.
12-3 pm Jay will help you experience the challenges and results of a Reformer workout…a Reformer workout he remembers from those he graciously learned from. Part 2.
3.30-5 pm farewell party.


 All Workshops with Jay Grimes 850 euro/ 921US ; Workshop with Jacqueline is included; Open studio 65 euro/ 71 US; Privates 120 US.

 Flights to Warsaw (Frederick Chopin airport).

Opportunity to purchase the JGrimes Contrology reformers with Balance Body. More details coming soon. Accomodations at the palace and Zagroda Ojrzanów. 250 PLN per night, per person plus breakfast at the Palac. Zagroda accommodations (20 mns walk from the palace) contact me for group pricing.

 200PLN lunch and dinner.
300PLN with alcohol included.
Transport from airport to palac included.

A deposit of 250 euro /271US/ is needed to secure your place with credit card. Email at jacqueline@lineagepilates.com for more info and for payment


Behind us is the first classic pilates conference in Poland, which we had the pleasure to be organizers. On 14-16 September in Lublin, the Klasyczny Pilates Studio hosted Pilates teachers and sport instructors from Poland and abroad, including Denmark, Greece, France, Germany or Ireland.

For three days, the conference participants developed their skills under the guidance of a unique: Karen Frischmann, Dany Santi and Jacqueline Martin, who came to Poland from the United States and Canada. Karen, Dana and Jacqueline conducted for us a total of 18 hours of workshops, 28 individual lessons and 3 group lessons. They shared rich experience and vast knowledge.

Special guests also graced the conference: David Rosencrans, the owner of the Gratz company, and Balance Body, represented by Ken Endelman and Davie Littman.
We feel honored that such an event took place in our studio.

A friendly atmosphere was shared with all participants and it was not even felt for a moment that in the 1st room there were people speaking 6 other languages and coming from 8 different countries. Thank you for all warm words and commitment.

We hope that the knowledge acquired and worked out during the conference will bear fruit in the work of Pilates teachers and that classical Pilates will also be louder in our country.

„Thank you so much for wonderful welcome in Klasyczny Pilates,
for little gifts, for flowers on the tables and for catering
in the studio andespecially home made tomato soup !!

Amazing conference organization ever”

Maja Mulic Behman


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