“My method is unique and revolutionary. It stands out just by the nature of it.”

Joseph Pilates


Creator of the Pilates method and inventor of machines

He was born in Germany in 1883. He was a very sickly child, that is why his life goal was to “be physically stronger”. He devoted his whole life to improving his body structure. He studied martial arts, yoga and thai-chi, and later became a professional boxer, gymnast and skier. He was passionate about anatomy. At first, he called his regime “Contrology” or the art of control.

In 1926, Joe emigrated to the USA. During a trip to the United States he met a nurse named Clara, whom he later married. In New York, Joseph and Clara founded their first gymnastics company.

The spouses were developing the method until Joseph’s death in 1967. Then Clara, known as a great teacher of the Pilates method, ran the studio exercise for the next 10 years.


One of the three living students of Joseph Pilates

Director and teacher of THE WORK in Vintage Pilates, California.
He began studying with Joseph Pilates in the mid-sixties in the original studio at 8th Ave in New York. After death, Jay continued training with his wife Clara. He has been teaching all over the world since then. Jay danced professionally on the Broadway ballet for 18 years and never suffered an injury.

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