Lineage comprehensive teacher training, under the guidance of master teacher Jacqueline Martin,will give you the knowledge physically and its philosophy of Joseph Pilates original method also known as „contrology”. Since it is a system of exercises the training will be conducted in a fully equipped Gratz and Contrology apparatus over a period of 18 months . It is the start of your journey as a new teacher but also a life long journey as one year is just the beginning, As Jay Grimes quotes: ‚you must feel with your mind and think with your body’. This training will make you think that way: Knowing the exercices in the system is first then feeling the exercices is next then the „where ” and the „whys”.

After completing the 18 months program you will be a third generation teacher able to start teaching the original classical method of Joseph Pilates to beginners to advanced clients.
To maintain the Lineage teacher title you must attend two mandatory workshops a year with Jacqueline Martin or any guest teacher that Jacqueline invites. After a period of 2-3 years if you would like to continue there will be an one year Advanced Lineage teacher training available.
There is no guarantie of passing the program as well as prior to each module. If so you will have to wait for the next module from the next teacher training to join again or a make up test at your cost of 350PLN to be able to continue with the same groiup. Opportunuity to teach at Klasyczny pilates studio will be available.


  • Continuation of the classical method also known as ‚ Contrology”
  • Creating changes in the lives of others physically-mentally-emotionally and spiritually
  • Allowing your own journey as a new teacher into understanding the method.

The program is divided into 5 different modules according to the spine shape which will move you from round and tall to extension to side bend to rotation and to finish all shapes into all exercices. Why this crucial order od spine shapes? We are born rounded then crawl on the floor with a tall back then we are curious and extend the chest forwards and lift the head from the help of the back and stomach muscles just like Joseph Pilates observed in babies. we just didnt lift thehead! then once standing up side bends to learn to balance on the two legs and then rotation.
An manditory assessement of practice on the mat and reformer and interview prior to signing up for the program.
Prior to each module a mandatory practical test will be conducted to make sure the student is ready to move forwards.

Module 1. Foundations with round and tall back shapes on all the apparatus
mat-reformer-chairs-cadillac-spinen corrector

Module 2. Foundations to basics
Mat-reformer-chairs-cadillac-spine corrector-baby chair

Module 3
Basics to intermediate with extension spine shape
mat-reformer-chairs-cadillac-pedipull,toe corrector-foot corrector-spine corrector-cadillac

Module 4 intermediate with round,tall-extension-side bends and rotation on all apparatus plugs the sandbag

Module 5 advanced with all the spine shapes on all apparatus plus the guillotine

The program includes: 

5 modules and 5 exams ( 55mns each exam prior to entering next module) plus final exam 90 mns.You will have up to six month prior to completing the final exam
120 hours of lecture from each module from Thursday through Sunday or two weekends in a row
40 private lessons
10 open studio practice
240 hours of own practice
200 hours of observation in studio-workshops-pilatesology-
20 hours practical teaching with volunteer students
10 hours anatomy review
5 manuals with the order and names of each exercise on each apparatus. This porgram ids not about ther manual but teaching 

Dates are; 

APRIL 25-26
MAY. 2-3
AUGUST 27-30
MAY 6-9 

BY NOVEMBER 25 you must have completed the final exam.

The price: 

PLN 28,710 (5 modules and private lessons)
PLN 5,742 / module
It is possible to split the payment into installments.

Applications should be sent to the following email address: jacqueline@lineagepilates.com




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